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Report to Stanford 

Students and all faculty or employees who are Responsible Employees reporting incidents of sexual violence, sexual harassment, or gender discrimination should contact Stephen Chen, Title IX Coordinator and Director of SHARE Title IX Office, at or (650) 497-4955 or Kingscote Gardens (2nd Floor), 419 Lagunita Drive, Stanford, CA 94305-8231. If you are undergraduate residental student-staff, please call the On-Call Resident Director at (650) 504-8022 and then submit via the CSA Title IX form.

Reports emailed to the Title IX Office should include the following information, if known (and don’t worry if you don’t have all of this information as is often the case):

  • Name of Responsible Employee making report
  • Name of impacted party (Complainant)
  • Name of accused party (Respondent)
  • Date and time disclosure made to the Responsible Party
  • Approximate date and time that incident occurred
  • Where incident occurred
  • What happened (or what you think happened if you were asleep or incapacitated)/What was disclosed
  • Whether you are asking for immediate help from the Title IX Office such as:
    • A no contact order
    • Housing accommodations
    • Academic accommodations